Starting today, the media accreditation process is open.

Press Release

Between May 24 and June 11, applications will be received from local media.

National media may be accredited until June 18.

Accreditations for international media will be open until July 5.

In interview areas, the UCI will maintain biosecurity measures.

The Press and Communications Directorate of the UCI TISSOT Cali 2022 Cup of Nations is hereby informed that, as of this date, the Press Accreditation period is open for journalistic coverage of the event.

This period reserved for receiving requests from the media was established as follows:

Local Media (Cali and Valle del Cauca)

May 24 to June 11

National Media (Other places in Colombia)

May 24 to June 18

International Media

May 24 to July 5

Those interested in registering for the UCI TISSOT Cali 2022 Cup of Nations should send an email, solely and exclusively to:

In your message you must send the following information:



Media name

Media Category (Radio, TV, Written Press, WEB)

Job that performs




Note: The Press and Communications Department is not responsible for accreditation requests that reach other email accounts.


Attention, to take into account:

• The dates of the accreditation period have been consulted and approved by the General Directorate of the event, in charge of Mr. Hernando Zuluaga, they will be kept as published and will not undergo any modification.

• The UCI, International Cycling Union, has made the decision to maintain the biosecurity measures derived from Covid19, as happened in the valid ones in Glasgow (Scotland) and Milton (Canada). The highest authority in world cycling will have the cyclists isolated, as happened in 2021. Therefore, the journalists will sit in the Press Tribune and will only go to the lower part of the track, at the time of the award ceremonies. , when they will be able to make their sound, photographic and audiovisual records. Once the ceremonies are over, they will return to the rostrum. There will be no access to the positions assigned to the teams.

• Once in the lower part of the track for their work, it is mandatory for journalists, cameramen and photographers to use the respective mask.

• The radio stations that are going to originate, full-time, their information from the velodrome, must reserve their place in the transmission grandstand where they will have a maximum of four positions and will be located in the first row.

• The press gallery will be divided into two parts. The first part will have the first five rows destined for Media that broadcast live and those that necessarily require a place for their work. The second part of the press gallery will be used for those members of the media who are only observers.

• Press Accreditation will not be authorized for independent photographers or videographers or those who are not represented by a Media. • Persons accredited for the press operation are requested not to bring guests to the work areas, they must take their place in the general gallery.

• At the time of the award ceremonies, priority is given to the officially accredited photographers, the other people must accommodate themselves in the places that they do not occupy, but never displacing one of them.

• The distribution and management of the Photographers’ Vests to access the competition area will be the exclusive management of the UCI Technical Delegate, who will decide who to deliver them to and how many people can go up to this place at the same time.

• Photographers and videographers who are not authorized to work in the Security Zone must accommodate themselves in the grandstand assigned for said activity. Always looking for this site to be the best so that they can carry out an ideal job, worthy of their profession.

• To access the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome, it is mandatory to wear the official badge that accredits you as a member of a Media. It is the only valid document for journalistic coverage. Without exception, those who do not carry it will not be able to enter the stage.

• The General Directorate and the Press and Communications Directorate may withdraw the accreditation badge from anyone who, in their opinion, is failing to comply with the rules adopted by the UCI, or has bad behavior on stage, lacks respect, or generates conflicts. or endanger the integrity of other colleagues or attendees to the event. The same will happen with whoever facilitates their accreditation to be supplanted by another person.

• In all cases, the UCI TISSOT Cali 2022 Nations Cup Press and Communications Department reserves the right to accept or deny press accreditation. Applications can be judged by their importance in cycling, their tradition, coverage of the Nations Cup, sports news in general, cycling news, etc. Likewise, due to the number of people to be accredited, taking into account that space in the press gallery is limited.

Welcome the Media of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia and the world to the UCI TISSOT Cali 2022 Cup of Nations.

All the information about the event can be found at: 

Our social networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @trackcupcali 


Organizing CommitteeUCI TISSOT Nations Cup Cali 2022

Press and Communications Department

Gonzalo Hernandez Florez


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