Cali: 25 years conquering the cycling world

The history of the World cups UCI in the speed temple of Cali is full of great moments, historical achievements, broken records, anecdotes and curiosities that have made this event one of the most traditional encounters in the world track cycling.

The Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome has a peculiarity that is very difficult to find elsewhere: the heat and the color that the fans bring to the party. It is almost impossible to find such an enthusiastic and crazy crowd for the artists of the woodwork in another international scenario; clapping cheering, not only for the home racers but for the visitors that feel a different environment, just like major figures of the last decades have stated it.

This is reason enough to understand why sprinter François Pervis kissed the Wood in this iconic scenario before a massive standing ovation, after winning three gold medals in the World Cup of 2014. Reason enough to understand why the unforgetable Kristina Vogel named Alcides Nieto Patiño as her  “Fetiche Velódrome”, in which she live the happiest moments, suc as the three gold medals in the global encounter of. She offered her bike to the people of Cali, a display of her consecration as the “Queen of the Velodrome of Cali”.

History that shows the massive presence of registered athletes in the World Cup Stand of 1998 with the presence of 191 sports people representing 29 countries, one of the highest numbers in any World Cup, today Nations Cup, maybe the six celebrations of the German Committee about their general count of medals on different competitions.

As of the year 2000 they arrived with their powerful staff of “Panzers”, displacing France, which until then had been the queen of the Cali track with three triumphs. Remembering that Spain was the first country winning a World Cup in Cali in 1996, when the first competition took place in the city. Colombia also celebrated in the 2008 y 2013 editions. The media has had a remarkable place in the World Cup. Journalists from every corner of Colombia have arrived to Cali; in addition to the press from the 5 continents, who have generated news produced in the Alcides Nieto Patiño at the capitol of Valle del Cauca.

As a registry of the most accredited journalists for a single coverage, we hold the record for the 2010 World Cup in which 420 people requested registration.

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