The incredible history of Deborah Herold

Is the first time in history of Track World Cups in Cali since 1996 that one team of India is registered to participate.

Deborah Herold first Indian cyclist participating in World Cup Cali 2017.
Photo by @TrackWCupCali

It´s female team, integrated by Deborah Herold, Nayana Rajesh and Alena Reji, which is looking for classification to World Championship in Hong Kong, between next april 12 and 16.

The most important rider of Indian team is the sprinter Deborah Herold, who will have birthday number 22 next february 18 and she has demostrated huge progress in sprint and keirin. She lives in New Delhi and she trains in velodrome of Indira Gandhi Sports Complex.

In 2014 Deborah won two gold medals in Herald Track Asia Cup, in 500 meters tt and team sprint. In october 2015, Herold won five gold medals in Taiwan International Cup and three more in Indian National Championships. In 2016, she finished fourth in UCI World Ranking in 500 meters tt.

Life Story

Competitive spirit and fight, corage and personality of Deborah born of tragedy, because when she was a 9 years girl, daughter of a very poor family, lived the most terrific tsunami in India, on december 25 2004.

Herold and her brother of six years were woke up by their mother in the first hours of that day, in their home of Car Nicobar. Earth moved in a 9 degress earthquake. The furnitures was broken and her mother took two children and run.

Giant waves appeared in northern area of Nicobar Islands, and Deborah was separated by her mother arms. She didn´t how swim, and she just though in go up a tree, while she was swept by the water. She find the salvation tree and she were here by five years, while the water down the level and the people of rescue and her family found her: «It was a very dramatic moment. My parents has lost hope. They though I was died. But I never though in tire out».

Sice that moment, her life was a struggle example. She found the passion in her bike, like a way to express her competitive values. By this effort to beat her challengues, she make into the first athelte in India in to be one of the five best riders in UCI Ranking 500 meters tt. And she went to London World Championships.

Their goal is Tokio, in 2020 Olympic Games. She know her road to Tokio is very long and difficult. This is reason to looking for points in all UCI international events. She has a personal goal: get better in 200 meters, with a time of 11 seconds, because this is the time to classify to another rounds of sprint event, and gain experience and level. Cali is the first station in this new cycle.

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