Kristina Vogel was honored in Cali

«Cali has the best track and the best public of the world» said Kristina Vogel in special act in Cali World Cup office.

Kristina Vogel and Hernando Zuluaga
Kristina Vogel was honored in press conference in Cali.
Photo by @TrackWCupCali

One of the most important sprinter in the world, german Kristina Vogel, returns to Cali after she won two olympic medals in Rio 2016 (gold in sprint and bronze in team sprint with Mitiam Welte), receive the recognition of the organising committe of Tissot UCI World Cup, third stage in Cali, a little tribute to one of the most impressive performance in the world cycling in the last years. Three olympic medals, eleven world champions and eleven european titles between 2007 and 2016.

Vogel, german of 26 years, was excited by the tribute received of Hernando Zuluaga, general director of Tissot UCI World Cup in Cali. She recognized that Cali is the city where she has lived the most pleasant moments in her life like athlete: «I love the city and specially the people, the special environment in the track, that block the sound of my heart. Win here is unique and I always feel very special feelings. In Cali I feel like I were a rock star».

Vogel thinks she has more expectatives. She works very hard, with discipline because there are achievements to win: «there are and it´s neccessary go for it, this is the challenge and, specially to get the next Olympic Games in Tokio 2020».

Currently she is the Keirin World Champion, she wears rainbow jersey, and in this stage of World Cup she just looking for the ideal physical condition to dispute the World Championship in Hong Kong next april.

Charismatic german rider left a clear and overwhelming message to Cali´s leadership: «If ask me what is the track that I love and the best in the world, I do not hesitate to say that Cali has it. But I would like they to also care about the environment, for the details. I come to Cali since 2008, after I won Junior Championship and I don´t see changes. I think that a beautiful scenary like this is aging».

Kristina Vogel is not only an athlete, she is police officer in German, and receive the colaboration to compete and train in the track: «Here in Cali I feel like a rock star, signing autographs and posing for photos, but in my country I am a police officer who carries out her duties arresting people and things like that».

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