Colombia won first medal in Tissot UCI World Cup Cali 2017

Fabian Puerta won the first medal to Colombia, after his convincing victory in keirin. This sunday Tissot UCI World Cup ends with six finals.

Fabian Puerta won keirin
Fabian Puerta won keirin in Tissot UCI World Cup Cali 2017.
Photo by @TrackWCupCali

Also Colombia´s victory in keirin, other winners in second day were Denmark in Men Team Pursuit, Sarah Hammer in Women Scratch, Kristina Vogel in Women Sprint and Sam Welsford in Men Omnium.

The day for Colombia was very good, because Women Team Pursuit classify to semifinals, Lorena Colmenares was fourth in Women Scratch and Juan Esteban Arango was fifth in Men Omnium, separated by one point to bronze medal.

Golden Puerta

With encouragement of 6000 excited people in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome, Fabian Puerta demonstrated his value to win of brilliant way Keirin, beat french Francois Pervis and czech Tomas Babek.

The environment in velodrome was really spectacular, the Cali´s fan has tradition give warm-hearted to all the guest in the city. Puerta reacted with courage and attitude to beat Pervis, Babek, Shane Perkins, Tomoyuki Kawabata.

The music in velodrome was traditional song of Cali… «All people song to you, all people see you, I´m jealous to see, I do not go…»

In press conference, Puerta say: «Strategy was go behind japan rider Kawabata. For me, winning in Cali is like win in my second home, and more if the rival is Francois Pervis, a big world champion and a good friend».

Clara Luz Roldan, Coldeportes manager, present in races and award ceremonies, said track program in Cali will be operating in two months: «we are working in the program, because it is one of the best scenaries of Southamerica and we want pistards can work in their speciality».

Results Saturday February 18

Men Team Pursuit:
Gold: Denmark (Niklas Larse, Julius Johansesn, Frederik Madsen, Casper Pedersen) 3:59.475
Silver: Lokosphinx (Alexander Evtushenko, Sergei Shilov, Dimitrii Sokolov, Mamyr Stash) 4:01.068
Bronze: Russia (Evgeny Kovalev, Vladislav Kulikov, Alexey Kurbatov, Andres Sizanov) 3:59.066

Men Keirin:
Gold: Fabian Puerta (Colombia)
Silver: Francois Pervis (France)
Bronze: Tomas Babek (Czech Republic)

Women Scratch:
Gold: Sarah Hammer (USA)
Silver: Evgeniya Romanyuta (Russia)
Bronze: Lydia Gurley (Ireland)
Fourth: Lorena Colmenares (Colombia)

Women Sprint:
Gold: Kristina Vogel (Germany)
Silver: Anastasiia Voinova (Gazprom RusVelo)
Bronze: Daria Shmeleva (Gazprom RusVelo)

Men Omnium:
Gold: Sam Welsford (Australia) 128 points
Silver: Lindsay De Vylder (Belgium) 107
Bronze: Casper Von Folsach (Denmark) 104
Fifth: Juan Esteban Arango (Colombia) 103

Schedulle February 19:

10:00 to 14:12
Women Points Race 10 km Classifications Heat 1
Women Points Race 10 km Classifications Heat 2
Men Sprint 200 m Classifications
Women Teams Pursuit First round
Men Sprint 1/16 final
Women Keirin first round
Men Sprint 1/8 final
Men Kilometer Classifications
Men Sprint 1/4 final (1st)
Women Keirin Repechajes
Men Sprint 1/4 final (2nd)
Break 10 minutes
Men Sprint 1/4 final (3rd)

15:30 to 19:18
Men Sprint 1/2 final (1st)
Men Kilometer final
Women Keirin second round
Men Sprint 1/2 final (2nd)
Women Teams Pursuit finals 3-4 y 1-2
Men Sprint 1/2 final (3rd)
Award Ceremony Women Teams Pursuit
Award Ceremony Men Kilometer
Men Sprint final 3-4 and 1-2 (1st)
Women Keirin final 7 – 12
Women Keirin final 1 – 6
Men Sprint final 3-4 and 1-2 (2nd)
Women Points Race 20 km final
Award Ceremony Women Keirin
Award Ceremony Women Points Race 20 km
Men Sprint final 3-4 y 1-2 (3rd)
Men Madison 30 km final
Award Ceremony Men Sprint
Award Ceremony Men Madison 30 km

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