Press accreditation process opened

Organising Committe and Press Chief of Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2016-2017, inform that the press accreditation process is opened since today until next februaty fourth.

Women race in Cali Velodrome in Tissot UCI World Cup.
Photo by @TrackWCupCali

The applications must be send to email:

In the apply the journalist and media must include this information:


Document ID:




It is important to remark that Press Direction and Accreditation Office just process applications send to email given, and no other to avoid misunderstandings.

The first level of priority for Press Direction is for Communication Media involved in the work and support in the last 14 UCI World Cups in Cali.

Other enterprises, differents to Communication media, will be in second level of priority and must wait the approval of Press Direction and World Cup General Direction.

Radio broadcasting and internet media with direct transmission must confirm it requirement with enough time to make the adaptations in the press stand.

The access to inner place of velodrome will be restricted, and just a few journalists will receive permission to have a place in the press area.

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