German riders will arrive to Cali

A very powerful team announce Germany to participate in Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2016-2017, it will be held next february 17-19. 7 men and 3 women integrate the German team.

Germany expects a great performance in Tissot UCI World Cup Cali.
Photo by @TrackWCupCali

The german team is completed by 6 members of technical staff, integrated by technical directors, doctors, mechanics and auxiliars.

One of the stars of german team is the double olympic medalist Kristina Vogel, winner of Sprint in Rio, beat in the final to british Rebecca James, and third was Katy Marchant, who beat to Ellis Ligtlee.

Vogel, with Miriam Welte, won the bronze medal in Team Sprint, in the formidable final against Australia, integrated by Ana Meares and Stephanie Morton. Gold medal was to China and silver medal to Russia.

Kristina Vogel is the recordwoman of 200 meters time trial, with 10.384 seconds.

Another important german rider is the sprinter Joachim Eilers, double world champion in Keirin and Kilometer time trial, and bronze medal in team sprint in the same event held in London.

Eilers, born in Cologne 26 years ago, is one of the most important riders in the World in the Keirin, one of the most attractive races in the track cycling.

Also, two of the most valued riders of the Cali´s fan, Robert Forstemann and Maximilian Levy. Levy, born in Berlin 30 years ago, won three olympic medals in Pekin 2008 (Bronze in Team Sprint) and London 2012 (bronze in Team Sprint and silver in Keirin). Levy won 9 world medals between 2007 and 2014 and five european medals between 2010 and 2015.

German Team

German team will arrive next february 10, and is integrated by:


Men: Eric  Engler, Robert Forstemann, Joachim Eilers, Max Niederlag, Eric Balzer, Maximilian Levy y Maximilian Dombach.  The last three riders, with the jersey of Team Erdgas, with UCI license.

Women: Kristina Vogel, Miriam Welte, Emma Hinze.


Detlef Uibel, Tim Zuhlker (Team Erdgas), Udo Knepper, Dr. Volker Tzscheetzch, Dorin Welker, Dr. Steffen Steiner.

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