World Cup Cali
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The UCI Track World Cup is the most important event of track by stages in the world.

UCI make, every year, three or four stages in the seasson, and finally, UCI make the World Championship.

Cali is the city in the world with more stages orgganised in the World Cup history.

The World Cup Track Cycling is the maximum valid event in the world.

It started in 1993 when the UCI, in the process of unification of professional and amateur cycling decided to do an event to allow track racers have activity in preparation before the World Championships.

The event, originally called Classical World Cup UCI Track Cycling, was initially developed in the period between June and September. The first valid was held in 1993 in Copenhagen.

From World Cup UCI Track Cycling of 2004-2005, he happened to have valid in a season that begins at the end of a year and ends at the beginning of the next, ending at the World Tennis Championship in February or March.

The event name was changed in the 2011-2012 season where renamed World Cup UCI Track Cycling.

Each gives evidence points to a general classification valid. The leader of each event is assigned a leader's jersey, and after the last valid one trophy.

Adding the points of each rider in the various valid, a champion nation is obtained, then the event is contested by national teams.

By 1995, the World Cup had six valid in Athens, Cottbus, Adelaide, Tokyo, Quito and Manchester, before carrying world championship in September in Bogotá

After the completion of the World Track Championships in Bogota, Cali was assigned to the headquarters of the first valid for the World Cup in 1996. Since that time, organized a valid Cali World Cup continuously for seven years, among 1996 and 2002.

For problems with the velodrome, just until 2006 Cali was again host the World Cup valid until 2012, when he was assigned to the headquarters of the World Track Championships 2014.

Thus, Cali is the city that more valid world cup in history has done, thanks to its excellent velodrome, to the warmth of the fans and the excellent organization.





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