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Cul 2015

Germany won UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015-2016.

In the final day, German team won Keirin Damas and the World Cup.
November 1st / 2015

German Team won the first Stage of the UCI Track World Cup 2015-2016, held in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome of Cali.

Powerful German Team won in the last day thanks to victory of Kristina Vogel in Women Keirin, in a spectacular battle with chinese Shuang Guo and Russian Ekaterina Gnidenko.

Earlier, Laura Trott won with contundence Women Omnium; in the final event, Points Race, Sarah Hammer won bronze medal, winning two laps and recovering after two bad races in second day. French Laurie Berthon defends the second position and won silver medal.

Russian Victor Manakov won Men Omnium defending successfully of attacks of german Roger Kluge, second, and italian Elia Viviani. The final race was very fast, and just one rider can take two laps, the mexican Ignacio Prado.

In Men Sprint, the russian Denis Dmitriev recovery of a fall in 200 meters flying, and won the final in two heats, over dutch Jeffrey Hoogland, who made the best time in 200 meters. Bronze medal was to german Max Niederlag, who beat another german, Maximilian Levy.


Cul 2015

Colombian performance in second day of UCI Cali World Cup.

Fabian Puerta was seventh in Keirin.
October 31st / 2015

The day began with the running of the 200 meters where Martha Bayona released was ranked 28 with 11 seconds and 308 thousandths. Juliana Gaviria qualified in place 23 with 11,244. In the clash of the knockout he fell against the Chinese Tianshi Zhong, winner at final.

The omnium starts with Juan Esteban Arango and Milena Salcedo as national representatives. At the end of the first three tests (Scratch, individual pursuit and elimination), the best it placed in the general's Arango, who is in seventh accumulated 88 points, product of a second in the scratch, ninth in the eighth persecution and elimination.

Salcedo is ranked 15th overall with 40 points. She was eighth in the scratch, 16 in the persecution, and finally disputed elimination in position 19.

Eduardo Estrada debuted in the individual pursuit with a time of four minutes, 37 seconds and 354 thousandths. He finished in 15th place among 20 participants. The big winner of classify round was the British Andrew Tennant with a record of four minutes, 19 seconds and 992 thousandths.

The female representative was to scratch Valentina Paniagua ranked 14th, in the race won by the Cuban rider Arlenis Sierra.

Cul 2015

Germany lead UCI Track World Cup Cali.

Individual Pursuit and Keirin, races won by german riders.
October 31st / 2015

The second day of competitions in UCI Track World Cup Cali was a great spectacle of speed, and thanks to speed riders, Germany and Japan lead the general medal table.

German Joachim Eilers won easily and with authority the Keirin Race, beat to australian Matthew Glaetzer and newzealander Edward Dawkins. In this race, Fabian Puerta was seventh, winning final B, after his elimination in semifinal 2.

Chinese Tianshi Zhong lead a asian predominance in women sprint, after she beat to her partner Shuang Guo, MSP Team. Bronze medal was won by Wai Sze Lee, Hong Kong, who beat to german Kristina Vogel, world champion 2015.


Cul 2015

Edwin Avila, first colombian medal in Cali World Cup.

Avila, born in Cali, won bronze medal in Points Race.
Regular day for sprint and pursuit colombian teams.
October 30th / 2015

Edwin Avila is great star in Cali. This time, in the first stage of UCI Track World Cup 2015-2016, in Alcides Niesto Patiño velodrome, Avila gives to Colombia a big emotion in Points Race, with his third place and consequently, bronze medal, behind Lok Cheung and spanish Eloy Teruel Rovira.

And this time was a scenary with history in Avila life´s, because here he wears, by twice in his career, the world champion jersey in Points Race, his special competition because he has been national, southamerican and panamerican champion in this race.

Avila said at end race "Thanks God, he gives me strength to win in my house, thanks to Colombian Cycling Federation, to selection and to my family".

About the strategy said that "José Julián Velásquez manage it, just the thursday was my first day in track, and this morning we had changed the relation because I feel not secure. I Attack by pursuing more than anything else, when I was alone my coach tell me with all my strength and I said 'God help me' because in training we had no resistance, and I though: 'or arrive or lose'".


Cul 2015

Cali UCI World Cup starts with distributed wins.

Gold Medals distributed in five different countries.
October 30th / 2015

UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015 begins with divided control, after that five gold medals were distributed in five different countries.

Germany won Men Teams Sprint, to ratify their goal to achieve the first position in General Medal Table.

China show a strong team in Women Teams Sprint, and ratified the supremacy in this race, with Jinjie Gong and Tianshi Zhong.

Canadá won Women Teams Pursuit with Jasmin Glaesser, Allison Beveridge, Laura Brown and Kirsti Lay. In the final, Canada beat to United States, the same result of Panamerican Games.


Cul 2015

Bradley Wiggins, confortable in Cali.

British show his enjoy with Cali track.
October 29th / 2015

Bradley Wiggins, multiple Olympic and World champion, has showed his enthusiasm with the Alcides Nieto Patiño track. "The truth has impressed me. Something had told me that my teammates had already come to Cali and I liked it, especially its semi open roof and that gives him an interesting atmosphere".

Wiggins has confirmed his definitive retirement from cycling after his participation in the Olympic Games in Rio. "My palmares only lacks another Olympic Medal and be the best he could dream retirement. But I decided to leave the road and specifically prepare the track. I do not see my future in sport, I would like do other things like bike market or sportswear".


Cul 2015

Colombia National Team arrived to Cali.

History of good colombian performance.
October 28th / 2015

The Track Selection Colombia arrived since Monday to the city of Cali, after prior concentration in Medellin under the direction of national team coaches John Jaime Gonzalez in the speed and Jose Julian Velasquez in the Endurance.

The big attraction undoubtedly Fabian Puerta, who comes to Cali as number one world ranking of Speed ??and Keirin. The Colombian rider competing use the shirt that distinguishes it as the current king of these modalities.

Juan Esteban Arango gets very lively to contest the Omnium and regain that level that made the Olympic podium candidate in 2012. "After the RCN Classic I focused on track and now my feelings are good. This will be a hotly race with rival Omnium premier as English Ed Clancy or Italian Elia Viviani, that makes it open for everyone".


Cul 2015

48 hours to Cali World Cup.

Hugo Barrette recovers of the accident yesterday.
World Cup News.
October 28th / 2015

Canadian cyclist Hugo Barrette recovers in Imbanaco Clinic, after his hard accident in south sector of Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

Barrette suffered temporal bone fissure without affecting the nervous system, two cracks in the transverse process and two lumbar vertebrae, but fortunately without neurological complications.

The Canadian sprinter would leave the clinic within 48 hours and in three weeks could resume his sporting activity, with options reappear in the World Cup in New Zealand next December or in Hong Kong in January.

After crash, Canadiuan Cycling Federation had confirmed their replacing. Sprint Team will now suplemented by sprinter Joel Archimbault, who was due to arrive in Colombia on Wednesday night to join the team on Thursday afternoon (14:15 to 16:00).


Cul 2015

Spain looking for Olympic Dream in Cali World Cup.

Since today journalist can receive official accreditations.
October 26th / 2015

Spain track national selection will continue the looking for classify to UCI World Championship London in march and Rio Olympic Games in august.

The first stage was the European Championship in Grenchen, two weeks ago, and it includes World Cups in Cali, Cambridge and Hong Kong.

In Grenchen, Spanish team was good results, but they need follow with their planification to gain Olympic quota.

Spain needs classify with pursuit team, with five riders (Vicente García de Mateos, Sebastián Mora, Eloy Teruel, Albert Torres e Illart Zuazubiskar).


Cul 2015

Race Program and Training Sessions of UCI World Cup are ready.

Today arrive more delegations to Cali.
October 24th / 2015

When we are at least of one week for the first stage of UCI Track World Cup2015-2016, held in Cali between october 30 and november first, we publish the Program Race and Official Training Schedulle.

With the arrive of different delegations, the official trainings are programmed during the days november 27, 28 and 29.

Official Trainings Schedulle

And, the different races in World Cup are registred in

Official Program


Cul 2015

Leaders of World ranking in Cali World Cup.

Fabian Puerta is leader of UCI World Ranking in Keirin and Sprint.
New Zealand arrives today.
October 23rd / 2015

The best pistards of the world will be in the first stage of UCI Track World Cup 2015-2016, in Cali between october 30 and november first, in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

In the UCI official registration, the majority of leaders in UCI rankings in differente races will appear in Cali, with exception of Fernando Gaviria, Omnium leader, who suffers knee problem since Tour of Great Britain, where he won a stage with his new team, Ettix-Quick Step. Gaviria is recovering in Medellin.

This is the list of riders in three first places in each ranking:


Cul 2015

Elia Viviani, a big star in Cali World Cup.

The sprinter lead Italian Team.
October 21st / 2015

UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015 organising confirmed the presence of one of the most important sprinters in the world, the italian Elia Viviani, who will look for te classification to World Championship in London and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Viviani, rider of World Team Sky, in the route, is one of the fastest riders of world group, and two weeks ago he won two stages in Abu Dhabi Tour, race won by colombian Esteban Chaves.


Cul 2015

Three teams training in Cali.

Great Britain, first team in Alcides Nieto track.
Russia and Germany rode near to Cali velodrome.
October 21st / 2015

The UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015 is warming, with the first trainings of three delegations that arrived yesterdey to Cali.

Wednesday in the morning riders of Great Britain, Germany and Russia visited the Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

Britain delegation made basic works in the track, while german and female russian rode in route bicycle near to Cali velodrome.

Great Britain arrived to Cali with first part of delegation, integrated by 13 people, while the another part will arrive to Cali, lead by Sir Bradley Wiggins, the next october 26, with 22 people.


Cul 2015

World Cup has three delegations in Cali.

Great Britan, Russia and Germany the first delegations in Cali.
55 people in the delegations, they begin trainings this wednesday.
October 20th / 2015

Ten days before the beginning of UCI World Cup Cali 2015, three delegations arrived to Cali to participate in the first stage of track world event.

The first delegation in Cali airport was Germany, with 21 people.

After german delegation, the another big delegation, Great Britain arrived to Alfonso Bonilla Aragón airport. British team is integrated by 13 people.

The third delegation in Cali was Russia, with 21 people.


Cul 2015

Presented the UCI Cali World Cup 2015.

Cali may host of UCI Junior Track World Championship 2017, as announced by president of Colombian Cycling Federation.
Kazajstan, country number 38 confirmed to World Cup.
October 14th / 2015

UCI World Cup Cali 2015 is running. Today, in a sober ceremony, first stage of World Cup was presented in Hotel Dann Carlton. 

The meeting has the presence of media and special guests, and was leaded by Dr. Claudia Fernanda Rojas, Secretary of Recreation and Sport of Cali; Bernardo Sánchez, Indervalle director; Agustin Moreno, Colombian Cycling Federation president; Jorge Ovidio González, Colombian Cycling Federation manager; Hector Fabio Arcila, event Technical Director, and the host, Hernando Zuluaga, event director.


Cul 2015

36 countries of 5 continents confirmed to World Cup Cali 2015.

17 countries of Europe, 9 of America, 7 of Asia, 2 of Oceania and 1 of Afrika registred officially.
Also 7 professional teams officiay registred.
October 6th / 2015

The 5 continents will be in Cali in the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cai 2015. Technical Director Office received confirmation of 36 national federations and seven professional teams; they will be in the Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome, between october 30 and november 1.

313 cyclist of 43 delegations come to Cali from differents places of the world, with the best riders in the track cycling, because the countries need to classify to Word Championship in London and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.



Germany return to UCI World Cup Cali with its heavy strong.

Kristina Vogel returns to Cali.
October 5th / 2015

German Cycling Federation had confirmed a powerful list of riders to represent german nation in the first stage of UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015, scheduled october 30 to november 1, 2015, in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

German Team is leaded by the Cali track World Championship queen, Kristina Vogel, three times winner of gold medal, who wil be accompanied by Miriam Welte again. They are the best team sprint in the last five years.

Sadly Kristina Vogel didn´t come to World Cup Cali in past january, because she suffered for food poisoning in Mexico when she disputed the World Cup in past december.


Anna Meares

Anna Meares, big star lead australian team.

The olympic and world champion, the big star of Australia.
October 2nd / 2015

Anna Meares, world and olympic champion, will be the great star leading the strong Austraia Team in the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.

Meares, born september 21, 1983, in Blackwater (Australia) and resident in Adelaida, had won 11 world gold medals and 5 olympic medals, in 500 meters ITT, sprint, keirin and team sprint races.

She is the cyclist most honored in the track cycling history. In the recent Track Cycling World Championship in Saint Quentin, near to Paris, Meares beat in gold medals to french Felicia Balanger who won 10 world gold medals.


29 countries confirmed their presence in UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.

Germany and France confirmed.
Septiember 22nd / 2015

48 hours after UCI opened registration time to countries interested in make presence in the first stage of UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali, and 29 countries had confirmed their participation.

The first stage of UCI Track Cycling World Cup will develop in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome, between october 30 and november 1, and it will be valid to classify to World Championship in London, in march 2016, and to Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in next August.

In this moment, 29 delegations had confirmed their presence in Cali:



UCI design Commissaires Panel to Cali World Cup.

Randall Sheaffer, President of Commissaires Panel.
September 21st de 2015.

International Cycling Union, UCI, had send to Organising Committe of UCI World Cup Cali 2015, the list of International Commissaires designed to judge the event in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

The highest entity of world cycling had designed as President of Commissaires Panel to Randall Sheaffer, who wil be accompanied by:



The press accreditation period starts.

This period is open until october 15th.
It is recomended apply early for accreditation.
Japan and England Media have already booked their accreditation.
Septiember 21st / 2015

UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015 General Direction and Press Direction inform to Colombian Media, and World Media, from that date until October 15 is open press accreditation period.

This process is mandatory for a media wishing to cover the event, scheduled from October 30 to Novemeber 1. No person or Media is exempt from complying with this procedure, since the press badge is the only valid document to enter the Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.




Fernando Gaviria, the fantastic man, will be in Cali World Cup.

This was the road to the Omnium Race Gold.
Septiember 9th / 2015

The Colombian crowned last February in a superb performance test Omnium Cycling World Championships in Paris and became the most complete dancefloor world: Scracht (3rd), Pursuit (2nd), Elimination (3rd), Kilometer (4th), launched Vuelta (8th) and Points race (9th).

Fernando Gaviria made history in Paris in February 2015, becoming the most successful Colombian dancefloor in the history of the UCI World Championships with three arc iris shirts two achieved with only 19 years in the youth World Championships Invercagill (New Zealand) and the latter obtained in the brand new Velodrome Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, 20 kilometers from Paris.



Jarlinson Pantano "I don´t come back around here", about his experience in first week of Tour de France.

"It was very tough to beat Chriss Froome."
"I go two offers, but still in IAM Cycling."
"My goals are World Road in USA and National Games with my Cauca Valley."
August 31th / 2015

It was very productive morning, but a press conference was a meeting between athletes and journalists from different media in the city.

Jarlinson Pantano came punctual to the appointment and gradually monopolizing the living room was in the presence of vallecaucano rider this season became part of the list of entries that ran the Tour de France, surpassing all expectations by finishing in the top 20 of the career.



Bradley Wiggins confirmed in Cali World Cup.

Sir Bradley is the most famous rider in Cali World Cup 2015-2016.
August 28th / 2015


Date of birth: April 28, 1980
Place of birth: Gent (Belgium)
Nationality: British
Height: 1.90 m
Weight: 69 kg
Resides near Preston (Lancashire, north)

Equipment: Française des Jeux (2002 and 2003), Crédit Agricole (2004 and 2005), Cofidis (2006 and 2007), High Road (2008), Garmin (2009), Sky (2010-2015)



The best of World track cycling confirms its arrival in Cali.

12 countries have already registrered to the organization, including Colombia.
Netherlands, winner in Cali Cup, reserved space to come to Cali.
August 26th / 2015

The Organizing Committee of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015, has confirmed the presence of the first 12 countries to confirme their participation in the First Classics valid UCI 2015-2016 season.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) confirmed that the second stage will be met in the city of Cambridge (New Zealand) at the Avantidrome velodrome, on 5 and 6 December and the third in the month of January at the Hong Kong sophisticated Velodrome.

These three stages of World Cup will score qualifying to Track World Championships to be held in the Olympic velodrome in London in the first week of March 2016 and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in August of that year.



Sir Bradley Wiggins come to Cali with his Hour Record

The englishman has the new Hour Record, with 54,526 km.
In Cali, the World and Olimpic Champion will be the best cyclist in Colombia.
June 9th / 2015

The General Director of UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015-2016, Hernando Zuluaga Aristizábal, celebrated the achievement made by Englishman Sir Bradley Wiggins, placing the new record of the time in the Olympic Velodrome in London.

To Zuluaga, this is the demonstration of the quality of cyclists who come to the world event in Cali. "We are very pleased with the announcement of the presence of Bradley Wiggins in cali, the hour record is an achievement rather than enriches a career full of successes and raises the status of a cyclist who is a legend for world cycling, with great results in track and road, having Wiggins in Cali will be an honor and shows that our velodrome have always been the great figures of World Cup and this yeas is no exception".