World Cup Cali
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Netherlands won the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015.
January 18 - 2015
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Fabian Puerta made the party in Cali velodrome.
January 17 - 2015
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Party of World Cycling started.
January 16 - 2015
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This friday starts the Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
January 15 - 2015
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Colombia National Selection "Postobon-Avianca" conformed by 15 riders.
January 15 - 2015
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Gregory Bauge, I want the gold medal in Cali.
January 14 - 2015
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Mourning in World Cycling.
January 12 - 2015
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Colombia National Selection arrives this monday to Cali.
January 12 - 2015
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This is the program of World Cup in Cali.
January 11 - 2015
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29 national selections in Cali.
January 11 - 2015
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Cali receives a knight of the French Honor Legion.
January 6 - 2015
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Belarus, first team in Cali.
January 5 - 2015
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308 riders, the best of the world, officially registred for UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015.
January 2 - 2015
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Defined Colombia Team for UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015.
December 29 - 2014
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The best cycling of the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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38 countries of 4 continents confirmed to the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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UCI appoints Panel of Commissaires for the UCI World Cup Cali 2015.
December 15 - 2014
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UCI Track World Championship is the event of the year in Colombia.
December 11 - 2014
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Open the time for applying for UCI World Cup Cali 2015 Press Accreditation
December 9 - 2014
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UCI World Cup in London this weekend.
December 5 - 2014
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UCI World Cup Track Cycling Cali 2015 presented.
November 27 - 2014
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Vogel, queen of Cali velodrome, back to fill his trone.
November 23 - 2014
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The best track world cycling return Cali.
November 13 - 2014
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The best sprinter in the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
October 18 - 2014
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German, new World Cup champion, after three stages in Guadalajara, Mexico and London.

Fabian Puerta made history to win two World Cup titles, keirin and speed.

The public of Cali show why is the best in the world.

The velodrome had three full assitance and the local people hope return of World Cup.

Netherlands won UCI World Cup Cali.

Selection of Holland and the Colombian Fabian Puerta, left shoulder of the velodrome Alcides Nieto Patiño to appear as the stars of the World Cup Track Cycling UCI Cali 2015, with great success ended tonight to a packed scene of Cali enthusiasts they confirmed their prestige worldwide.

Netherlands won the Copa de Cali and Germany was the champion accumulated in the three valid, but the Colombian Fabian Puerta was another big winners to stay for the first time in history to Colombia with two titles in the overall, the Keirin and speed.


The Dutch Kirsten Wild dominated fullness demanding multidisciplinary test Omnium with a huge regularity in the six test program which won three (Scracht, individual and Points Chase), was second in the Elimination Round-launched and ninth in the 500 meters.

The Dutch secured a good income from points to get to the ultimate test with sufficient margin to handle race strategy on its main opponents. Proof Points scored the fight for the composition of the podium, where the Spanish Leire Olebarría took advantage of his experience to achieve the units needed in the packaging and ensure the bronze medal displacing the German Anna Knauer, bronze and day Cuban Marlies Mejía, fourth. Colombia had no representation in this test.


Fabian Puerto won World Cup in Keirin and Sprint .

The single broke the maximum speed emotions Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome on behalf of the man of the house a Fabian Puerta that came with the air of his victory yesterday in the Keirin test. Door not go off key and reached the semifinals, where he met with Russian Denis Dmitriev who brought all his primer to submit the Colombian two disputed sleeves.

Dmitriev waited in the end the Dutch Jeffrey Hoogland, who had dispatched two consecutive hits to German Maximilian Levy.

The final was enthralling. The Russian won the first game but the Dutch became the second playoff was necessary and in the Dmitriev returned to manage their experience to take the gold medal. The bronze went to Fabian Puerta who defeated two German Levy adventures. Another crazy night for a medal flavored Antioquia glory for the young sprinter.


Maximilian Beyer was tilling stepper his gold medal to reach a final that could be complicated, with four opponents online meter scares. He won the Elimination Scracht and was third in the Individual Pursuit, suffered with speed tests (Kilometer against time and Vuelta launched) where did Ninth, but the remains are played in the final test, the Points,
running with a clear strategic direction and taking advantage of the weaknesses of New Zealander who arrived Karwowski scoring leader, but was reworked in the final moments. The Belgian Jasper De Buyst played his cards and reached silver, ahead of the Swiss Gael Suter said the bronze. The Colombian Juan Sebastián Molano, who debuted internationally in this trial ended in the fifteenth box.

Cali people show their cycling affection, again.


Guo Shuang committed an indiscretion, closed the racing line of the Australian Catlin Ward and sent to the floor. Step stripe first but was disqualified and relegated to sixth place. Chinese Junhong Lang was the beneficiary to be credited gold, while silver and bronze were distributed Shane Braspennickx and American Melissa Erickson.

A tight end in the Asian imposed its law. The Colombian Juliana Gaviria fought to where his powers allowed him and eleventh, honorable classified taking into account that came from a painful injury that almost prevents him from taking part in the event.

World Cup Results Sunday 18 January 2015

Sprint Men
Gold: DMITREV Denis (Rusvelo)
Silver: HOOGLAND Jeffrey (Netherlands)
Bronze: DOOR Fabian (Colombia)
6. Anderson Parra (Colombia)

Omnium men
Gold: BEYER Maximilian (Germany) 220 points
Silver: DE BUYST Jasper (Belgium) 206
Bronze: VELT Tim (Netherlands) 178
15. Sebastian Molano (Colombia) 87

Omnium women
Gold: WILD Kirsien (Netherlands) 180 points
Silver: OLABERRIA Leire (Spain) 158
Bronze: KNAUER Anna (Germany) 156

Keirin women
Gold Junhong Lin (China)
Silver: Braspennincx Shanne (Netherlands)
Bronze: Melissa Erickson (USA)

Results Saturday, January 17

Team Sprint Women:
1. Gold: Russia: (GNIDENKO Ekaterina-Shmeleva Daria) 32,982 seconds
2. Silver: Netherlands: (Braspennincx Shanne-LIGTLEE Elis) 33,586
3. Bronze: Spain (CALVO BARBERO Tania-CASAS ROIGE Helena) 33 356

Team Sprint Men:
Gold: France (BAUGE Gregory, LAFARGUE Quentin, SIREAU Kevin) 43.634
Silver: Netherlands (BUCHLI Matthijs, HAAK Hugo, HOOGLAND Jeffrey) 43.816
Bronze: Poland (DREJGIER Grzegorz, Kamil Kuczynski, ZIELINSKI Damian) 43,907

Team Pursuit Women:
1. Gold: Australia (STEWART Macey, WUNDERSITZ Elissa, MANLY Alexandra, PERRY Lauren)  4:31,527
2. Silver: China (HUANG Dong Yan, JIN Di, LIANG Hongyu, ZHAO Baofang) 4:34.105
3. Bronze: USA ((SMALL Carmen, Lauren Tamayo, VALENTE Jennifer, WINDER Ruth) 4:32,482

Team Pursuit Men:
1. Gold: Australia (LAW Scott, Joshua HARRISON, LAW Jackson, Tirian McManus) 4:03.200 minutes
2. Silver: Rusvelo (Artur Ershov, Alexander Yevtushenko, Alexey Kurbatov, SEROV Alexander) 4:04.229
3. Bronze: Britain (BURTON Germain, Matthew Gibson, Christopher Latham, Mark STEWART) 4:05.531

Sprint Women:
1. Gold: LIGTLEE Elis (Netherlands)
2. Silver: GUO Shuang (Malaysia)
3. Bronze: LEE Wai Sze (Hong Kong)

Keirin Men:
1. Gold: PUERTA Fabian (Colombia)
2. Silver: PERKINS Shane (Jayco-AIS)
3. Bronze: BARANOSKI Matthew (USA)

Gold Silver Bronze Total
Holland 2 4 0 6
Australia 2 0 0 2
China 1 1 0 2
5. Colombia 1 0 1 2

General Score
Netherlands 1,289
Germany 1065
Australia 1151
7. Colombia 877

Accumulated Final (Guadalajara, London, Cali)

1 Germany 4037.5
2 Britain 3704.0
3 Australia 3398.5
4 Netherlands 3186.0
5 New Zealand 3023.0
Colombia in September 2364.0