World Cup Cali
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Fabian Puerta made the party in Cali velodrome.
January 17 - 2015
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Party of World Cycling started.
January 16 - 2015
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This friday starts the Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
January 15 - 2015
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Colombia National Selection "Postobon-Avianca" conformed by 15 riders.
January 15 - 2015
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Gregory Bauge, I want the gold medal in Cali.
January 14 - 2015
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Mourning in World Cycling.
January 12 - 2015
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Colombia National Selection arrives this monday to Cali.
January 12 - 2015
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This is the program of World Cup in Cali.
January 11 - 2015
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29 national selections in Cali.
January 11 - 2015
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Cali receives a knight of the French Honor Legion.
January 6 - 2015
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Belarus, first team in Cali.
January 5 - 2015
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308 riders, the best of the world, officially registred for UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015.
January 2 - 2015
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Defined Colombia Team for UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015.
December 29 - 2014
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The best cycling of the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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38 countries of 4 continents confirmed to the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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UCI appoints Panel of Commissaires for the UCI World Cup Cali 2015.
December 15 - 2014
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UCI Track World Championship is the event of the year in Colombia.
December 11 - 2014
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Open the time for applying for UCI World Cup Cali 2015 Press Accreditation
December 9 - 2014
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UCI World Cup in London this weekend.
December 5 - 2014
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UCI World Cup Track Cycling Cali 2015 presented.
November 27 - 2014
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Vogel, queen of Cali velodrome, back to fill his trone.
November 23 - 2014
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The best track world cycling return Cali.
November 13 - 2014
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The best sprinter in the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
October 18 - 2014
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Colombian rider won the Keirin and he is the new World Cup champion.

Australia, with two gold medals, was the most winner in the day while Colombia, France, Russia and Netherlands won one gold.

The public of Cali show why is the best in the world, again.

The sunday journey starts at 10:00, with 4 finals.

Spectacular sprint in Keirin.

The Apotheosis of Fabian Puerta

No doubt the sublime moment of the night was handled by the Colombian Fabian Puerta, who without reaching the maximum of their competitive level had strong emotional push of a delusional Velodrome allowing him to take strength from failing to win his series in the Keirin and reach the gold medal in a finale against the australian Shane Perkins, who close by, millimeters, was to spoil the party at a velodrome that almost fell. Puerta ratified again because right now is the worldwide leader in the speciality and will clearly committed to another world title for Colombia in Paris, with the label of historic if successful, in a mode that Colombians were not precisely among his favorite .

From Russia with love

Speed Team Russia (Ekaterina Gnidenko and Daria Schmeleva) has raised the first standing ovation in a crowded Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome to win the first gold medal for the third stage of the World Cup after defeating Track exciting final duel Dutch team (Shane Braspennincx and Elis Ligtlee). The Russian couple kept a steady pace and left no options to the orange girls in the end must also celebrate their silver medal.
For Spain, after a drought results came the good times with bronze team that made Tania Calvo and Helena Casas, who overcame another free battle to New Zealand.

The russian team win Team Sprint women.

Kangooros made the party

The Pursuit teams had an absolute master: Australia, winning with their men and women demanding test of the 4 kilometers in a conclusive demonstration of the excellent work being done with their base. Built by Macey Stewart, Elissa Wundersitz, Alexandra Manly and Lauren Perry, female team has an average age that is less than 21 years. And they added talent to beat China for the gold medal, while the United States reached the bronze after beating another new generation with the Italian shirt.

Among male Australians were not inferior and in another emotional end have overcome by little difference Rusvelo professional team. Kangaroos lined Scott Lawson, Joshua Harrison, Jackson Law and Tirian McManus. A thrilling final that could only be defined in the same stripe finish. The bronze was won by Britain, which also bet on an active youth team of Denmark.

France bright in Team Sprint

Despite the sharp drop suffered by his stellar captain of Speed, the French team could recover from the absence of François Pervis and came armed with refill late Kevin Sireau, who completed the team with Quinetin Lafargue to wage spectacular battle with Netherland (Jeffrey Hoogland, Hugo Haak and Mathijs Buchli). But the frantic pace of Gregory Bauge was enough for frenchs, at startup maintain tenths seconds needed to complete the feat. French gold, the Marseillaise in the ears and a frenzied audience celebrated as his triumph.

Liglee win the sprint women.

Speed has a new queen

Elis Liglee is the new queen, a couple of years ago won the world junior title in Invercargill, New Zealand and now appears as a sprinter able to usurp the throne in recent years have divided the German and British. Ligtlee was clear, forceful and had no serious opponent in sight. He bowed his air Wai See Lee in the semifinal and I keep options Guo Shuang in the final. A golden glow long for world podiums. The next Olympic Games will mark their route.

Results of the day January 17

Team Sprint Women:
1. Gold: Russia: (GNIDENKO Ekaterina-Shmeleva Daria) 32,982 seconds
2. Silver: Netherlands: (Braspennincx Shanne-LIGTLEE Elis) 33,586
3. Bronze: Spain (CALVO BARBERO Tania-CASAS ROIGE Helena) 33 356

Team Sprint Men:
Gold: France (BAUGE Gregory, LAFARGUE Quentin, SIREAU Kevin) 43.634
Silver: Netherlands (BUCHLI Matthijs, HAAK Hugo, HOOGLAND Jeffrey) 43.816
Bronze: Poland (DREJGIER Grzegorz, Kamil Kuczynski, ZIELINSKI Damian) 43,907

Team Pursuit Women:
1. Gold: Australia (STEWART Macey, WUNDERSITZ Elissa, MANLY Alexandra, PERRY Lauren)  4:31,527
2. Silver: China (HUANG Dong Yan, JIN Di, LIANG Hongyu, ZHAO Baofang) 4:34.105
3. Bronze: USA ((SMALL Carmen, Lauren Tamayo, VALENTE Jennifer, WINDER Ruth) 4:32,482

Team Pursuit Men:
1. Gold: Australia (LAW Scott, Joshua HARRISON, LAW Jackson, Tirian McManus) 4:03.200 minutes
2. Silver: Rusvelo (Artur Ershov, Alexander Yevtushenko, Alexey Kurbatov, SEROV Alexander) 4:04.229
3. Bronze: Britain (BURTON Germain, Matthew Gibson, Christopher Latham, Mark STEWART) 4:05.531

Sprint Women:
1. Gold: LIGTLEE Elis (Netherlands)
2. Silver: GUO Shuang (Malaysia)
3. Bronze: LEE Wai Sze (Hong Kong)

Keirin Men:
1. Gold: PUERTA Fabian (Colombia)
2. Silver: PERKINS Shane (Jayco-AIS)
3. Bronze: BARANOSKI Matthew (USA)