World Cup Cali
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The best cycling of the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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38 countries of 4 continents confirmed to the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015.
December 26 - 2014
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UCI appoints Panel of Commissaires for the UCI World Cup Cali 2015.
December 15 - 2014
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UCI Track World Championship is the event of the year in Colombia.
December 11 - 2014
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Open the time for applying for UCI World Cup Cali 2015 Press Accreditation
December 9 - 2014
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UCI World Cup in London this weekend.
December 5 - 2014
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UCI World Cup Track Cycling Cali 2015 presented.
November 27 - 2014
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Vogel, queen of Cali velodrome, back to fill his trone.
November 23 - 2014
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The best track world cycling return Cali.
November 13 - 2014
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The best sprinter in the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
October 18 - 2014
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The World Cup is the first event in the 2015 world schedule.

Pervis and Vogel, two great stars in World Cup Cali 2015.

At 21 days of the start of Track Cycling UCI World Cup Cali 2015 (January 16-18 / 2015) the great stars of the World Track has confirmed their presence in Cali velodrome, in the last opportunity to classify to Track UCI World Championships Paris 2015.

The World Cup Cali 2015 Director, Hernando Zuluaga, leads the work group because the number of riders confirmed is the biggest in the story of the different editions of World Cup made in Cali.

"We will have more than 400 cyclist in the program, a big number that it is a record in Cali and it is the consequence of the credibility and the confidence in the organising committe during more than 12 years. The great nations in the world like Cali and its World Cup, and they express it in my visit to World Cup London" said the director.

The World Elite

One of the great attractions of UCI Track World Cup Cali 2015 is, without doubt, the colombian sprinter Fabian Puerta, Keirin and Sprint World Cup Leader, and only man winner of medal in two races in two valids of 2014-2015 seasson. Puerta won two bronze medals in Guadalajara, and two silver medals in London, in the sprint specialities.

Puerta is the number one in the Keirin World Ranking of UCI, with 653 points, following by dutch Matthijs Buchli (577) and german Joachin Eillers (510). And Puerta is second in Sprint World Ranking of UCI, with 520 points; the leader is australian Mathew Glaetzer with 588 points and dutch Jeffrey Hoogland is third woth 511 points.

The cyclist battle will have another luxury riders like french Francois Pervis, three times world champion in sprint, keirin and km, in Cali velodrome. Pervis come from Japan, where he participated in keirin japanese seasson during 6 months. Pervis is the recordman in km (56 seconds 303 thousands) and 200 metros flying (8 seconds 347 thousands).

Another important riders will be german Stephan Botticher, british Jason Kenny and french Gregory Bauge, sprint european championship.

Feminine Battle

In female, the spectacle is garanted with the presence of charismatic german Kristina Vogel, three times world champion in Cali, in sprint, keirin and team sprint, and she will defend her keirin world ranking leader in front australian Anna Meares, Wai See Lee and chinese Guo Shuang, double world medalist in sprint and keirin in 2006 and 2007 World Championships.