World Cup Cali
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UCI Track World Championship is the event of the year in Colombia.
December 11 - 2014
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Open the time for applying for UCI World Cup Cali 2015 Press Accreditation
December 9 - 2014
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UCI World Cup in London this weekend.
December 5 - 2014
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UCI World Cup Track Cycling Cali 2015 presented.
November 27 - 2014
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Vogel, queen of Cali velodrome, back to fill his trone.
November 23 - 2014
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The best track world cycling return Cali.
November 13 - 2014
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The best sprinter in the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
October 18 - 2014
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German Alexander Doniñe will be the president of the Jury of Commissaires, acompanied by commissaires of Portugal, Spain, United States and Great Britain.

Alexander Donike, president of Panel of Commissaires.

UCI, International Cycling Union, formalized with the organization of the World Cup UCI Track Cycling Cali 2015, the panel of Commissioners International, which is responsible for judging the World Cup in Cali.

The President of Jury Commissioners will be the German Alexander Donike, 53 and born in the city of Düren, on August 12, 1961.

In communication sent by Joelle Luginbuehl, assistant track and Paracycling, the UCI confirmed the judging staff for the event in Cali, which integrate commissaires from America and Europe.

This is the panel of international commissaires to UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2015:

President: Alexander Donike (Germany)
Secretary: Paula Martins (Portugal)
Starter: José Miguel Aranzábal (Spain)
Judge-Referee: Randall Shafer (USA)
Jury member: Philip Pollard (Great Britain)