World Cup Cali
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Open the time for applying for UCI World Cup Cali 2015 Press Accreditation
December 9 - 2014
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UCI World Cup in London this weekend.
December 5 - 2014
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UCI World Cup Track Cycling Cali 2015 presented.
November 27 - 2014
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Vogel, queen of Cali velodrome, back to fill his trone.
November 23 - 2014
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The best track world cycling return Cali.
November 13 - 2014
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The best sprinter in the world confirmed in UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Cali.
October 18 - 2014
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Journalist of Colombia voted by the event as the best in the 2014.

Jorge Ovidio Gonzalez, Fedeciclismo manager, receive the prize.

The Colombian Asociation of Sport Journalist, Acord Colombia, in ceremony made in Bogotá, remarked to UCI Track World Championship as "Event of the year 2014". The World Championship was made in Cali, in the final days of february and initial days of march.

The colombian journalist joined in Acord Colombia, voted the World Championship because was an event with excellent organisation, a lot of countries involved, with the best riders of the world, with a high technical level, the great number of countries that follow the event and the massive participation of cyclist fans, from Cali and the country.

The manager of Colombian Cycling Federation, Mr. Jorge Ovidio González, received the distinction in representation of the organising committe, because the Event Director, Hernando Zuluaga, was in London UCI World Cup.