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Cali, October 10th / 2012

Training Sessions were closed and everything es ready for the Track World Cup in Cali this thursday 11 october 2012.
12:00 is time of official start of World Cup.
Standings between 12:00 and 15:25.
Opening ceremony is at 18:30.
At 19:00 starts night programming with six gold medals.

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Everything is ready, the Alcides Nieto Patiño wears new best clothes to receive, as I always have, the biggest cycling event is scheduled in Colombia, World Cup Track Cycling UCI Cali 2012, Thursday at 12:00 Meridian opened competitions in the capital of Valle.

The velodrome is decorated with flags of the 36 countries that were officially registered for Cali stage and for three days the 197 registered riders, held their pre-tournament training.

The national teams and six professional teams, and take their respective "boxes" in the inner of the Cali velodrome.

WIFI service is available in every corner of the stage, it can provide athletes, coaches, delegates and journalists. Each area has a separate service.

The press area is divided into two sectors, the press room is located at the bottom of the track and it can access only those with the "fin" extra credential and those who will only meet the industry professional duties, other accredited press will take his place on the podium for the press corps assigned.

The security scenario and delegations in charge of the Metropolitan Police of Santiago de Cali.

The company Swiss Timing has conditioned all the technology and timing of the stage in Cali, with nearly three tons of equipment and their engineers installed for the World Cup event.

The opening ceremony will begin with itinerary UCI at 6:30 pm and must be completed within the same protocol, at 7:00 pm, lasting exactly 30 minutes.

At 7:00 you should start with 6 late night programming, 3 female and 3 male and the first 6 gold medals deliver the World Cup stop in Cali.

In ladies finals will be played:

Teams Pursuit
Teams Sprint
Scratch (10 km)

In men will compete in the finals:

Teams Sprint
Kilometre Time Trial
Teams Pursuit