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Cali, October 2nd / 2012

International Cycling Union Staff and 2014 World Championship organizing committee meet on 10 October in Cali.
Germany first delegation to arrive for Track World Cup.
The Germans, current champions cup in Cali, arrive tonight to the capital of Valle.

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Hernando Zuluaga and Rodrigo Guerrero sign support to World Cup

Dignitaries of the UCI requested the meeting in Cali October 10 prior to the start of the World Cup scheduled from 11 to 13.

The local authorities that make up the World Cup organizing committee assigned to Track Colombia in 2014, taking advantage of the presence of the highest authorities of the cycling world leading to finalize talks on the timetable and details of work being done in Cali fair view of the large orbital track and the country's commitment to the cycling world.

At that summit are all national authorities and the mayor of Cali Rodrigo Guerrero Velazco, the Secretary of Sport and Recreation Clara Luz Roldan, Coldeportes director Andres Botero, president of the Colombian Cycling Federation Jorge Ovidio González, President of Fedeliva Edgar Ivan Ortiz, representative Coldeportes to Indervalle Juan Fernando Mejía.

For the UCI will all representing the Commission Staff Track world body headed by Gilles Peruzzi, president of the Committee on Track, Mr. Enrico Carpanni, Mrs. Tiziana Lardieri, Secretary General of the track events, Tobias Friedli and as representatives of the committees of television, advertising and marketing.

Other topics will also address the development agenda on the occasion of the presentation of Cali Track World 2014 in Minsk (Belarus) in March 2013, in the World Track Championships 2013.

At that meeting, Cali receive Belarusian capital of the testimony as follows Runway host the World, hence the importance of the presence of a high-level delegation representing the city and the country.

First Delegation arrives to Cali for World Cup 2012

At 10:15 Tuesday night up to Cali the German delegation, the first delegation to make a presence for the UCI World Cup Track Cycling starting on October 11.

The Germans, champions of World Cup in Cali, come with four riders and two coaches and installed at the Hotel Torre de Cali one of four hotels that host delegations this year, like the Sheraton, Karlo and San Fernando.

The first athletes to arrive are Philipp Thiele, Tobias Wachter, Mark Schroeder, Erik Engler.

Another delegation coming on to reach the capital of Belgium vallecaucana will do tomorrow and Wednesday at 8:15 pm with five sprinters: Jasper Buyst, Jonah Rickafrt, Vergafrdf Otto, Kenny and Dominique Cornn Ketele.

It reminds those who have not made the request for press accreditation to these requests will be received only until Thursday October 4.