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Press Newsletter 23

Colombia and Denmark will dispute bronze medal of teams pursuit.
Gold medal will be for Oceania, Australia and New Zealand in the final face.
Women Gold will be discussed by New Zealand and Britain.
Thursday a7 14:00 officially opens World Cup in Cali.
Opening ceremony will be at 18:30 and first finals will be held from 19:00.

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The Colombian quartet Pursuit Teams, composed of Juan Esteban Arango, Edwin Avila, Arles and Weimar Roldan Castro, finished in third position classification series and will play the bronze medal at the representation in Denmark.

For many minutes the Colombian team held the top spot with his record of 4 minutes 06 seconds 118 / 100, but reached the quatrains that now top the world rankings (Australia and New Zealand) and moved the whole dispute coffee to third.

Early New Zealand and Britain to quotas for gold in Team Pursuit Ladies, leaving bronze dispute in the hands of the United States and Lithuania.

On Thursday December 1 at 2 pm will be officially launched program development skills with the classifications of Omnium Men Points Race Men 15 km, Speed ​​Equipment Ladies, first test lap Omnium Men, Men's Speed ​​Equipment, Ladies Scratch 7.5 km, 30 km points race Men's Omnium second test.

After the 7 pm Finals will be met as follows:

Men's Speed ​​Equipment
Points Race Men 30 miles
Ladies Team Pursuit
Ladies Team Sprint
Women 10 km Scratch
Men's Kilometer Time Trial

UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2011
Individual Pursuit Classification Results


New Zealand 3.24.005
Great Britain 3.24.849
United States 3.26.027
Lithuania 3.26.468
Australia 3.26.494
Ukraine 3.26.779
Canada 3.27.609
Belarus 3.28.046
Belgium 3.29.096
Netherlands 3.30.549


Australia 4.02.739
New Zealand 4.04.612
Colombia 4.06.118
Denmark 4.06.794
Spain 4.07.589
Germany 4.08.982
Lokosphinks 4.10.400
Belgium 4.11.081
Switzerland 4.11.824
Hong Kong 4.11.847

Team Pursuit

United States - Lithuania (Bronze)
New Zealand - Great Britain (Gold and Silver)

Colombia - Denmark (Bronze)
Australia - New Zealand (Gold and Silver)

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