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Press Newsletter 03

Angelino Garzón, colombia vicepresident, support TRACK WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 in Cali.
Garzón promises to World Cup cali Director, Hernando Zuluaga, to manage future founds with a new Governers.
Pat McQuaid, UCI President, optimistic with Cali possibility of organizing the orbital event.
McQuaid will be present in Cali with occasion of the next TRACK WORLD CUP in december.

imagenMr. Hernando Zuluaga, president of the League Vallecaucana Cycling and the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Angelino Garzón, have held a productive meeting last weekend, regarding the candidacy presented by the city of Santiago de Cali, to host the World Championships Track Cycling in 2014.

The meeting was held on Saturday September 24, during the visit of a senior official in the city and it was aware of the official request made by the Colombian Cycling Federation in Copenaghen (Denmark) during the last assembly International Cycling Union (UCI).

Dr. Garzon was enthusiastic about this project and promised support Zuluaga licensed in the nation with some of the funding of the event, in addition to managing the commitment to be undertaken by future Mayor of Cali and Governor of Valle.

The good news also came from Denmark, where the President of the UCI, Mr. Pat McQuaid warned Colombian journalists Rengifo Hector Urrego and Lysander, who covered the road World Championships in Copenhagen, the enormous possibilities that Cali to arrange 2014 World Track.

"We had a good record by Jorge Ovidio González, president of the Colombian leadership and there is a strong possibility that the country makes the Track World", published the newspaper El Tiempo.
McQuaid said that it is a fact, but experience has repeatedly organized Cali World Cup in December, the city is capable of engaging the world stage.

Colombia already hosted in 1995, en route and track. The latter was done in Bogotá. "It's very possible that Cali has that seat. In the ICU we have a good concept for organizing the World Cup and that experience is part of the possibility of giving the World Cup competitions since both have the same level," said McQuaid .

The designation of the site will be notified by the UCI Technical Commission meeting during the month of January 2012.

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