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Press Newsletter 27

Germany won the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2011 and consolidated in the first place in the overall standings two stages fulfilled.
Germans win 4 gold medals and emoticon Cali fans.
Juan Esteban Arango and Weimar Roldán win Madison to Colombia.
Colombia ends participation with third place on medals table.
World Cup third stage will be in Beijing Olimpic velodrome.

With a great backdrop of the public and stands filled of the Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome, Germany National team was champion of the second stage of UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.

German team lead sprint men, with 4 german riders in finals, was won by youth Stefan Botticher. more...

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Press Newsletter 26

Juan Esteban Arango gave a vibrant gold medal to Colombia.
The best colombian pistard today won gold medal Omnium to make vibrating Cali fan.
Germany won two more golds and leads the World Cup in Cali.
Cali public, the best of the Cup this, that this saturday ends.

Colombian rider Juan Esteban Arango made vibrate the Cali velodrome bleachers after his victory in the omnium with a total of 28 points, a result that confirms it as one of the best and most complete this test in the cycling world.

Arango won the closure test (km Time Trial) with the support of the public that high again until the last chair on Alcides Nieto Patiño, confirming the great sporting culture of the inhabitants of the capital of Valle. more...

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Press Newsletter 25

With new world record and track record for ending first day of World Cup in Cali.
Germany new World Record in Team Speed Men.
French Francois Pervis imposed new record por Cali track at KmTT.
Germany win 2 gold medals in the day.
Cespa Euskadi (Spain), Britain, France, Belgium and New Zealand also won gold medals.
This friday 4 final in the second day of competition.

The German triplet formed by Maximilian Levi, Rene Enders and Stefan Nimke imposed new world record in the day of qualifying teams speed men with a time of 42 seconds 914 / 100, the previous record was held by the British team consisting of Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Jamie Staff from the China Beijing Olympics in 2008 with a record of 42 seconds 950 / 100. more...

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Press Newsletter 24

Colombia and Denmark will dispute bronze medal of teams pursuit.
Gold medal will be for Oceania, Australia and New Zealand in the final face.
Women Gold will be discussed by New Zealand and Britain.
Thursday a7 14:00 officially opens World Cup in Cali.
Opening ceremony will be at 18:30 and first finals will be held from 19:00.

The Colombian quartet Pursuit Teams, composed of Juan Esteban Arango, Edwin Avila, Arles and Weimar Roldan Castro, finished in third position classification series and will play the bronze medal at the representation in Denmark. more...

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Press Newsletter 23

The Capital´s track cycling in the world, living the world cup party.
World and Olympic champion the big attraction at the velodrome in Cali.
Starting order ready for the classification of the team persecution today from 15:00.

Brazil women's team will be the first to take the game today at three o'clock in the afternoon when you start the classification of the Teams Pursuit second stop of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.

Once completed the ladies will start qualifying for the quatrains in males from the first to be representing the United States. more...

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Press Newsletter 22

Three delegation arrive today to Cali.
Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago and Full Gas Team, come to the capital of the world cycling.
Training this wednesday until 14:00 and from 15:00 classification of persecution teams.

In the evening arrived the latest delegations that will participate in at the second stop of the Cali Track World Cup 2011. Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago and the professional team Fullgas Guipozcoa, come to complete the final quota delegations are in the capital of the world track cycling. more...

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Press Newsletter 21

British Sara Storey, a world celebrity in World Cup Cali.
7 times Paralympic champion in swimming (Barcelona 1992) and cycling (Beijing 2008), now a member of England team.
Press credentials are delivered in the velodrome.

The British Sarah Storey is another of the great figures of the Track World Cup in Cali, this daughter of Manchester has become a Paralympic sport celebrity after winning 7 gold medals, 8 silver and 3 bronze in swimming and cycling.

Sara's exploits in swimming began in the Paralympics in Barcelona (1982) when there were only 14 years old, where he won two gold medals (100 meters Backstroke and Combined 200 meters) in the same Olympics won 3 medals silver and 1 bronze.


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Press Newsletter 20

17 new delegation arrived today in Cali.
12 National Teams and 5 professional teams are ready since today in Cali.
This monday starts official trainings.
Colombia team will train at 9:30 in the morning.

With the arrival of 17 delegations, further heating the atmosphere cyclists in the capital of Valle, Cali receives today 12 national teams and five professional teams, bringing to 36 the countries that already are in Cali, like 11 teams brand. Remaining to reach 11 teams and 4 teams who reached the World Cup headquarters Monday and Tuesday. more...

Press Newsletter 19

Training Schedule for weekend.
Riders List for UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali.

This bulletin release includes training hours on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November at the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome and the general list of registered riders registered for the second stop of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011: more...

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Press Newsletter 18

Colombia Track National Team arrived Cali today.
Also 12 National Team and two professional teams arrived to Cali.
17 National Team in Cali.
At 9:30 in the morning began today's practice at the Velodrome Alcides Nieto Patiño.

With the arrival today of 13 national teams and two professional teams, increasing the presence of the best trackers Cali the world who will compete from next December first in the second stage of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.

To the names of Germany, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Denmark joined today, Colombia (21 people), France (20), Japan (17), Brazil (15), Ukraine (14), Poland (13), Hong Kong (10), Canada (7), Britain (7), Ireland (4), Turkey (3), New Zealand (2), which allows lifting from today at the Velodrome in Cali 17 of the 47 flags countries registered for the Cup. more...

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Press Newsletter 17

Russian cyclists invaded Cali.
National Team and two professional teams in Cali.
Belgium and Denmark arrive.

With the arrival in Cali National Team of Russia and Russian professional teams Lokosphinks and Moscow Track Team, continues the parade of delegations to the capital of Valle for the second stage of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.

A total of 41 Russian citizens who reach the World Cup in Cali, between national teams and professional teams, becoming the country that will bring more people vallecaucano territory. more...

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Press Newsletter 16

Germany arrives this night with powerfull track team.
German riders win first stage in Astana.
Also Erdgas Team arrives, first professional team in Cali.
Spanish national team will arrive tomorrow.

With the arrival this evening of the first delegation officially opens the curtain parade of 52 squadrons (47 selections and 15 teams) to come to Cali to run the second stop of the UCI Track World Cup 2011, which will begin next Thursday 1 December at the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome.

At 10:15 pm in the 0073 Avianca flight (Official Airline) arrived the 15 members of the National Team of Germany and also the 4 Erdgas German team, led by the great champion Robert Forstemann. more...

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Press Newsletter 15

Australia with Luxury team in persecution.
Cali track with presence of the best persecutor of the world.
International Cycling Union close this monday media accreditation.

Every year the Track World Cup in Cali, is loaded with great news, and this time is no exception: confirmation of Australia ratifies nominal presence in Cali oval, of persecutor team world champion and in him, the record-orbital of the individual pursuit, Jack Bobridge.

This Australian born in Adelaide on July 13, 1989 (22 years) is undoubtedly one of the brightest figures in the next stop of the UCI Track World Cup, presented by Samsung, and to be held in Santiago de Cali from 1 to 3 December. more...

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Press Newsletter 14

Countries and professional teams registration ready for UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.
Officially 47 federations amd 15 professional teams.
317 cyclist will be in Cup, a record in Cali.
Colombia with 15 riders.
7 days for ending media accreditation.

The International Cycling Union and the Organizing Committee of the second stage of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011, finally received the official registration of 47 National Federations and 15 professional teams who were registered for the competition from December 1 in the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome.

The number of countries and teams together total 317 riders, a record for Cali stage; the previous year World Cup was the participation of 289 riders, representing a growth of nearly 13% involved in editing this year. more...

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Press Newsletter 13

Great launch of UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.
Cali Mayor, Coldeportes Director and Federation Chairman, chaired official launch event.
Recognition for the work of licensed Hernando Zuluaga.
World Cup 2011, a true star parade in Cali.
Confirm dutch Teun Mulder.

A special presentation ceremony at the Four Points by Sheraton Cali, was now the second stage of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011, that will be held at the Alcides Nieto Patiño Velodrome between 1 and 3 December.

The official launch was presided among others, by Cali Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina, Coldeportes Director Jairo Clopatofsky and President of the Colombian Cycling Federation Jorge Ovidio González. more...

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Press Newsletter 12

Cali will live a world challenge.
Italy, Korea, Colombia and Germany by Omnium title.
Viviani, Cho, Arango and Kruge, face to face in Alcides Nieto Patiño track.
This thursday november 10, official launch of UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011.

One race that has gained more fans in the cycling track in the world, is the Omnium, the equivalent of the pentathlon and decathlon at the athletics, scoring a series of races that gives the victory to the cyclist who has more regularly throughout the competition.

Both Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup and contests of the Olympic cycle, as just happened in the Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011, captures the attention Omnium in male and female branches, thanks to the expectation generated by each test the outcome and management of accumulated points. more...

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Press Newsletter 11

Open Stage for Media accreditation.
Anyone interested in covering the Track World Cup duty incumbent accredited to the Organization.

The Press and Communications Department of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011, to be met from 1 to 3 December next, informing all journalists and media interested in covering the global contest, which as of this Wednesday 02 November, are open Accreditations, which can be done via email with members of the Press Commission led by Gonzalo Hernandez florez journalist.

The phase of the Media accreditation for national and international will be extended until Monday, November 20 at 6:00 pm when will the final close. more...

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Press Newsletter 10

Sara Hammer, another star back to Cali.
"Cali is my favorite cup" says world champion.

UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011 continues receive confirmation of world cyucling stars.

The list is now adorned with the presence of U.S. champion Sarah Hammer who yesterday confirmed his arrival in Cali stating in its submission that "This is my favorite drink."

Sara Kathryn Hammer was born in Redondo Beach (California USA) on August 18, 1983, measures 1.70 meters and weighs 61 kilograms. more...

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Press Newsletter 09

After Panamerican Games, comes UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali.
Colombia confirms presence of champios in Guadalajara.
30 countries and 5 professional teams in Cali.
5 continents will be in Cali.

Colombia is ready to live in a month, the largest cycling event of the season, the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2011 between 1 and 3 December.

The event will see in action nearly 250 of the best cyclists in the world, representing national federations and professional teams, delegations have on their payrolls to several World Champions and Olympic Champions who come to the capital of Valle with the intention of consolidate its classification London Olympic Games 2012. more...

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Press Newsletter 08

French Gregory Bauge back to Cali.
French Cycling Federation registred 11 riders for Cali.
"Galos" will arrive to Cali november 25th.

Gregory Bauge , french champion was registered by the Federation of his country to compete again in Cali at the second stage of the Track World Cup, at December 1 to 3. Bauge won Gold Medal in Team Speed and Bronze in Speed, in 2010.

The French registrered a total of eleven sprinters, complemented by Michael D'Almeida, Julien Duval, Morgan Kneisky (Winner of the Gold medal in the World Cup Scrath Cali 2010), Julien Morice, Francois Pervis, Kevin Labèque, Bryan Coquard, Vivien Brisse, Virginie Cueff and Pascale Jeuland. more...

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Press Newsletter 07

Colombian stars in Guadalajara, will seek to ratifi its high status in Track World Cup.
Colombian Team in Panamerican Games, try repeat victory of World Cup 2008.
Juan Esteban Arango in Cali for Omnium title.
Arango was sponsored by Cali Team in 2009.

After the brilliant performance of the Colombian trackers in Guadalajara Mexico, now the sights are set on the Track World Cup, especially in Cali, on December 1, 2 y3 where the national team looking to repeat the title achieved in 2008, powerful sprinters beating Germany, England, France, Australia, among others. more...

Press Newsletter 06

Belarus registrered one delegation of 15 people.
Great Britain will arrive to Cali next 25th november, to 6 pm.
China Republic announced presence in Cali.
15 races officially programmed.

Belarus registred a delegation of 15 people to compete in second stage od UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali, between 1 and 3 December. more...

Press Newsletter 05

Uzbekistan tenth country enrolled for World Cup in Cali.
They registrered two riders and a coach.
Colombian Foreing Ministry committed to boost processing of visa to athletes.

The organization of the second stop UCI Track World Cup 2011 in Cali, who leads Mr Hernando Zuluaga, continues to receive requests from countries interested in taking part in the contest tracker Olympic qualifier in England next year. more...

imagenPress Newsletter 04

Germany enrolled star figure Robert Forstemann for UCI Track Wolrd Cup Samsung in Cali.
Two months before, nine national teams and three professional teams confirm presence in Cali
First time, iranian cyclist compete in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

When still two months to do in Cali II Stage Samsung UCI Track Cycling World Cup 2011 scheduled on December 1, 2 and 3, nine countries and two teams have announced their interest in attend, requesting information about sites of accommodation, visa processing and other requirements necessary to be in the fiesta of speed in the velodrome Alcides Nieto Patiño.

United States, France, South Africa, Armenia, Denmark, El Salvador, Thailand, Track Club Team MTN (South Africa), Team Erdgas (Germany), Iran and Germany have already sent communication to the organization in Cali. more...

imagenPress Newsletter 03


Mr. Hernando Zuluaga, president of the League Vallecaucana Cycling and the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Angelino Garzón, have held a productive meeting last weekend, regarding the candidacy presented by the city of Santiago de Cali, to host the World Championships Track Cycling in 2014. more...

Press Newsletter 02


The technical committee of the International Cycling Union, which organized-Track World Cup Classics 2011-2012, has made official with the organizing committee for the Parade of Cali, the official program of skills that will take place on 1, 2 and 3 December at the Velodrome near Alcides Nieto Patiño.
For the second stop to be met in Cali are scheduled 15 rounds, 8 for men and 7 for women. more...

Press Newsletter 01


UCI Track Cycling World Cup Cali 2011, is officially scheduled for the first three days of December, this time the Chase Equipment classification, both branches will be at the close of qualifying on November 30. more...

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