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Cali, december 19th / 2010
Highlights of UCI Track World Cup in Cali.

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Colombian Team: Arango, Castro, Roldán and Avila.

In the event shone Kevin Sireau, Sarah Hammer, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Edward Clancy. By Colombia, peresecution team and Juan Esteban Arango.

To second stage of the World Cup Track Cycling, which ended Saturday in Cali with the title for Britain, it is gratifying that the world's top cyclists have had the opportunity to compete, but more important is that these monsters left in wood 250 meters from Alcides Nieto Patiño, his entire class.

The rate for men was in the final four with the current world champion, Frenchman Gregory Bougé, with Olympic champion Chris Hoy of Great Britain and the world record of 200 m, also the 'Gallic' Kevin Sireau , who won the gold. In addition, the sprinter Victoria Pendleton crashed two gold metals.

Four track records were beaten. France beat the speed record for teams with Gregory Bouge, Kevin Sireau and Michel D'Almeida with 43 s 539 000. Ladies In pursuit, New Zealand set a new record of 3 m 22 s 202 000. In the same competition, but men and their compatriots down the record twice, with 4 m 3 s 500 000 in qualifying and in the final against Colombia imposed another brand with 4 m 00 s 637 000.

And speaking of local selected, the quartet of Juan Arango, Arles Castro, Edwin Avila and Weimar Roldan showed why he is among the best in the world, then hung a silver medal. And that they expected to be below the 4 m 5 s at the end managed to 4 m 7 sec

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Kevin Sirearu, won two gold medal.

Another thing that became clear was the great potential of Juan Esteban Arango, second in the omnium and the most regular of the quatrain in the team pursuit.

Stop next year will be advanced from first to December 3 and it is expected that the stars shine again.

Podiums in Cali Cycling

Team Sprint men
Gold: France (Gregory Bauges, Michael D'Almeida, Kevin Sireau).
Silver: Great Britain Chris Hoy, Matthew Crampton, Jason Kenny).
Bronze: New Zealand (Edward Dawkins, Ethan Mitchell, Sam Webster).

Scratch men
Gold: Morgan Kneisy (France)
Silver: Gijs Van Hoecke (Belgium)
Bronze: Martin Blaha (Czech Republic).

Team Pursuit women
Gold: New Zealand (Rushlee Buchanan, Lauren Ellis, Alison Shanks).
Silver: OUC-US. (Sarah Hammer, Dofsic Barsh, Lauren Tamayo)
Bronze: Grab Britain (Laura Troft, Katie Colclough, Wendy Naghel).

Team Sprint women
Gold: Great Britain (Victoria Pendleton, Jessica Varsish).
Silver: Germany (Kristin Vogel, Miriam Welte).
Bronze: France (Sandra Clair, Virginia Cueff)

Sprint women
Gold: Kristina Vogel (Germany)
Silver: Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)
Bronze: Sandie Clair (France)

Omnium men
Gold: Edward Clancy (Great Britain)
Silver: Juan Esteban Arango (Colombia)
Bronze: Zachari Bell (Canada)

Individual Pursuit women
Gold: Alison Shanks (New Zealand)
Silver: Wendy Houvenaghel (Great Britain)
Bronze: Pascale Schnider (Switzerland) Men Keirin

Keirin men
Gold: Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia)
Silver: Francois Pervis (France)
Bronze: Dens Spick (Czech Republic)

Team Pursuit men
Gold: New Zealand (Sam Bewley, Westley Goucher Marc Ryan Jesse Sergent)
Silver: Colombia (Arles Castro, Juan Arango, Weimar Roldán, Edwin Avila).
Bronze: Spain (Eloy Teruel, Paul Bernal, Sergi Escobar, David Muntaner).

Omnium women
Gold: Sarah Hammer (USA.)
Silver: Tara Whitten (Canada)
Bronze: Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)

Points women
Gold: Georgia Bronzini (Italy).
Silver: Kelly Druyts Belgium).
Bronze: Aksana Papke (Belarus)

Keirin women
Gold: Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)
Silver: Sandi Clair (France)
Bronze: Virginie Cueff (France)
Sprint men
Gold: Kevin Sireau (France)
Silver: Chris Hoy (Great Britain)
Bronze: Gregory Bougé (France)

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