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Cali, december 15th / 2010
Cris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton in press conference.
The kindness of english borke the ice at the velodrome Alcides Nieto Patiño.
"I would like to Cali to be venue of World Cycling, by the heat of the people".

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Hernando Zuluaga, Victoria Pendleton and Chris Hoy.

Multiple World and Olympic champion Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, had her face to face with reporters assigned to covering the second stop of the UCI Track World Cup Cali 2010, which begins Thursday in the capital of Valle del Cauca.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, the English and the figures entered the velodrome Cali, ending with the great expectations that had been generated by the arrival of one of the powers of the cycling track in the world and its great figures.

In training saw Cris Today is pushing hard on preparing the 200-meter speed test, which rivals the quality you will find the Scotsman, has spent the ballots that were left free to the public.

Once the train of the British, Cris and Victoria, in a friendly and very attentive, greeted reporters at that time still waiting for a contact with two of the greats of world cycling.

Today Cris was pleased to be in Cali "I'm happy to be back in Cali, where the velodrome, which I think is one of the best in the world, but mostly I'm very happy with the public reencontarme of Cali, is the best groups in the world, support for all riders is something that always catches our attention, I am very happy because I know we will enjoy it a lot."

But the question of their status as "Sir", a distinction awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England, did not wait and was surprised by the ease with which I talk about the issue "has been very nice to me and my family, an honor that I give myself the queen, but not really changed my life, I think my life changed more after I earned in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, so if you changed my life."

He also spoke of the benefits of the Velodrome in Cali and highlighted the tracks you like best in the world "Cali Velodrome I like it because you cannot simply and quickly gets into a good line too long, different from Manchester, where the depth is long and slow and the lines shorter, that's why I like it more, but my favorite is Krilaskoe Moscow, for me is perfect, then I like Bordeaux in France."

When asked today about the possibility that Cali to host the World Track Championships in 2014 or 2015 was welcomed by a public that reiterated considered the best in the world "Cali headquarters of the World Track? (Asked) would be great, have a great cycle track, would be good for Colombia after 15 years to be a new global headquarters, but all would be a great reward for an excellent hobby, the people of Cali deserves it have demonstrated their ability to World Cup and enthusiasm, I would be glad to know that they have given the venue, they are definitely the best audience in the world."

Thus, with simplicity and kindness Sir "Cris Hoy" was confused with reporters that he welcomed the city and enjoyed the company of a big bike in the world, though full of Olympic and world titles, and a noble title in Britain, arrived at the velodrome in Cali with the same smile with which he went to his hotel in the north of Cali, politely said goodbye, but surely expectant to see the velodrome Cali packed with people it considers best in the world and expects to vibrate with victories for three unforgettable days in the capital of Valle del Cauca, for this week, home of the best cyclists in the world.

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