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November 19th / 2009

Scratch Race World Champion in Cali.

France and Holland confirm their riders list.

France registered a great riders list, with experience and youth mixture, and looking for prominence of World Cup in Cali.

French team is leaded by Morgan Kneisky, Scratch World Champion, won in Pruszkow in previous World Championship, where he beat argentinian Angel Dario Colla and austrian Andreas Mueller.

Another important rider is Micheal D´Almeida, fourth place in Kilometer Time Trial in World Championship, with 1:02.034.

In other hand, female team is leaded by Pascale Jeuland, great rider in Scratch race.

Holland very fast

Holland, a nation with big performance in european track, is leaded by sprinter Willy Kanis, silver medal in Polonia Wolrd Championship in sprint, beat by the Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton.

Kanis was third place in 500 meters time trial in First Stage of World Cup, in Manchester.

Dutch Female Team Sprint, integrated by Kanis and Yvonne Hijgenaar, is actual silver medal in World Championship, beat by australian team

Team is completed by Roy Vandenberg, Agnes Roner and Jeff Vermeulen.


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