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November 10th / 2009

Germany with its Panzers come in Cali.

Maxilimian Levy, Mathias Stumpf, Robert Forsteman and Christine Muche, great german figures

Levy is the current keirin world champion and Olympic medal winner in team sprint. He is the most important figure of German team.


Levy is one fo the most important sprinter of last five years, and he is the principal rival of british Chris Hoy, world and olympic multiple champion.

The german sprinter won Keirin World Championship, made in Pruzlow, Poland. In that opportunity, he beated french François Pervis and dutchman Teun Mulder, who escort him in the podium.

Also, Levy won Olympic bronze medal, with german team sprint, accompanied by René Enders y Stefan Nimke.

Finally, Levy was fourth place in sprint, contest final by bronze with french Michael Bourgain.

Mathias Stumpf
Another great german sprinter is the actual european champion Mathias Stumpf,  who won 3 gold medal and one silver medal in “Trois Jours D´Áigle”, event executed in UCI World Training Center, in Aigle.
Stumpf won 200 meters time trial (10:413), sprint and kilometer time trial (1:04.003), and he was second place in Keirin, beated by his teammate Paul Kanzler.

Robert Forsteman

Robert Forsteman, is the thrid german sprinter. Forsteman got bronze medal in keirin race in Palma de Mallorca World Championship, and he won keirin race in European Cup of Barcelona.

This three german sprinter, make up a great german team sprint, and Levy, Stumpf and Forsteman, are favorite to dispute gold medal in Third Stage of Track World Cup, in Cali, among december 10 to 12.


Christine Muche

German Female Team is leaded by sprinter Christine Muche, winner of three gold medal in European Cup of Barcelona. She won keirin, sprint and sprint team. She toka part in german sprint team with Myriam Welte.

Esta es la nómina oficial que inscribió la Federación de Ciclismo de Alemania:

  • Eric Mohs
  • Robert Forstemann
  • Marcel Barth
  • Jhoannes Kahra
  • Chalotte Becker
  • Dana Glob
  • Cristin Muche
  • Mathias Stumpf
  • Maximilian Levy

Secretaria del Deporte