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November 3rd / 2008

UCI Track Team, first on Cali.  After, Italy.

Media Registration stage starts.

Press Bulletin 04.

First confirmation of team to World Cup.

Journalists, to registration

November 25th arrives UCI team.

International Cycling Union track team will be first on arrives to Cali to take part in third stage of Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008, between december 11th and 13th on Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

World Cycling Center in Aigle (Switzerland), had confirmed arrive of delegation of 10 people, with 8 cyclists and 2 sport directors, next november 25th.

Italy delegation with 12 people.

Azzurri delegation will arrive to Cali next november 30th, to participate in third Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008.

Italian Cycling Federation anunced its arrival on novemeber 30th, with a delegation of 12 people, 7 cyclist and 5 companion, between technical, directors and assistants.

Media registration.

General Direction of Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008 and Press Committe, call to different media interested in the event, to registration as Press Delegates, in accordance with next instructions, and before maximum date established byInternational Cycling Union:


2 Press Rooms, Press Tribune, Exclusive Interview area, Exclusive TV Cameraman and photographers area, WI-FI Access Internet, snack bar, local telephone.

Registration Quota:

Written Media
Newspapers: 3 Journalists, 3 Photographers
Journals: 2 Journalists, 2 Photographers
International News Agency:  1 Journalist, 1 Photographers.

Radio Stations
Direct Transmission Radio: 4 Journalits, 1 Comercial Announcer, 3 technicals.
Stations with informs to sport and news programmes: 2 Journalists.
Television News: 2 Journalists, 2 Cameraman, 2 Assistants.
Television Show: 1 Journalist, 1 Cameraman.
Websites: 1 Journalist, 1 Photographer.

In Registration Form to third classic of Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008, must included:

Full namer, identity document, media, position, Social Number and una photo. 

Deadline: novemeber 18th, by email to:


Important facts:

* Quota medium is no modify.

* Form registration must be included a photo..

* Vehicule Drivers don´t be registred.

* By UCI norms, each media will receive a special card to access to track.  Without this card, nobody can acces to track, but he can be in others places to cover press.

* Cameramen and photographers will can access to inferior part of track, but must be at orders of Cup Technical direction, and alternately.
* “Acord Colombia” members could access to velodrome with theirs 2008 card, and they must be in press tribune, only.

* Because of secutiry measures, since monday december 8th, all people interested in to media cover, they must carry media card in Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

Thank you by attend this norms.  If you have any question, just be mail us.


General Director
Celphone 3108370508
Press Committe
Celphone 3117449102
Press Committe
Celphone 3117449102