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November 27th / 2008

36 countries, 9 teams and 166 cyclist registred to World Cup on Cali. 

UCI Team, arrived to Cali.

Media Registration in Panamerican Center, in Cali.

Press Bulletin 06.

UCI Team arrived past tuesday

This Team is in Cali, to participate on third Stage of Track World Cup Cali 2008, since december 11th.

UCI Team is integrated by 8 riders, of 5 nationalities:

Chris Sellier . . . . . . Trinidad y Tobago
Tin Ying Huang . . . . China Taipei (Fem)
Po Hung Wu . . . . . . China Taipei (Masc)
Eduardo Avelar . . . . El Salvador
Angel Pulgar . . . . . . Venezuela
Hersony Canelon . . . Venezuela
Lisandra Guerra . . . . Cuba
Alejandro Mainat . . . Cuba

Technical Director: Renee Schmidt.

166 riders of 36 countries in World Cup.

At finish of official teams registration, International Cycling Union inform that 166 cyclist of 36 countries will participate on III Stage of Track World Cup on Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome of Cali. It will be 106 men and 60 women.

This couta of riders and countries convert to World Cup Cali 2008 in a real Cycling World.


November 13th / 2008

10 countries and UCI Track Team, registred to World Cup on Cali. 

Media Registration stage starts.

Press Bulletin 05.

UCI Team, Russia, Hong Kong and Ukrania had confirmed their cyclist list.

Media registration, until november 18th

Quietly advance team registration to third Stage of Track World Cup Cali 2008.  Several teams, ot the great countries of the world, had confirmed their attendance, with great cyclists of world.

10 countries, and UCI Team, make sure a cuota in competitors list.  Their are:  more...

November 3rd / 2008

UCI Track Team, first on Cali.  After, Italy.

Media Registration stage starts.

Press Bulletin 04.

First confirmation of team to World Cup.

Journalists, to registration

November 25th arrives UCI team.

International Cycling Union track team will be first on arrives to Cali to take part in third stage of Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008, between december 11th and 13th on Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome.

Media registration.

General Direction of Cycling Track World Cup Cali 2008 and Press Committe, call to different media interested in the event, to registration as Press Delegates, in accordance with next instructions, and before maximum date established byInternational Cycling Union:  more...

October 2nd / 2008

Director Committe of The Track World Cup will be presented on October 7th.

Press Bulletin 02.

Departamental and municipal majors had confirmed their assistance.

Director Committe of The Track World Cup UCI Cali 2008 will be presented in theater-study of Telepacifico regional channel. more...

September 29th / 2008

Designed the Commissaires to Track World Cup in Cali...

Press Bulletin 01.

The President of Commissaires Panel will be a Spanish.

The other Commissaires are three americans, a cuban and a spanish.

Visit the official website.

The Track World Cup UCI Cali 2008 that will be held from December 11th to 13th At Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome will be judged by the Commissaires Panel already assigned by the Comiissaires Unit of the UCI. more...

September 12th / 2008

Move on organization of Track World Cup in Cali...

Quickly and securely it works to make a great event, the third in 2008=2009 season.

Alcides Nieto Patiño velodrome, a renewed coliseum of cycling, is prepared to receive a great number of cyclist as 1971, when was the center of panamerican cycling in the Panamerican Games. more...

August 1st / 2008

Organising Committee installed

Cycling Track World Cup of Cali, has started up to planning all aspects to be a great event.  It will make at december 2008. 

The Organising Committee is directed by Hernando Zuluaga, president of Cycling Ligue of Valle del Cauca, and looking for to recovery the prestige holded between 1996 and 2002, when Cali was the center of cycling track in the World. more...